Pulpal Screening and Early Detection

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Over the lifetime of a dental patient, individuals can undergo multiple episodes of dental decay and dental procedures, minor or major trauma / accidents that create insult / injury to the dental pulp. An infection within the pulp may lie dormant for years only to erupt/evolve into an acute dental abscess without warning.

As part of your initial dental examination, or prior to any extensive treatment planning, a pulpal screening should be performed. This will aid in reducing and possibly avoiding the acute dental abscess. It may also reduce the need for root canal therapy following placement of the definite dental restorations (i.e., dental crowns, dental bridges, fillings). A full or limited pulpal screening can be performed by our doctors in addition to the new patient exam / assessment by your referring dentist or prior to initiation of extensive treatment plans.

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As with most diseases, early detection of the disease process is key to a successful result. Pulpal screening is an excellent way to detect pulpal disease in its early stages. Many endodontic studies demonstrate the importance of identifying a diseased pulp as early as possible, perhaps even before symptoms arise. Identification of the diseased pulp in its early stages can make a root canal treatment more comfortable for the patient and provide a greater chance of success.

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