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Piedmont Endodontics

5 out of 5 stars based on 336 reviews.

Patient Review by Abi B

I was able to get an appointment the next day from seeing my dentist. Everyone was so wonderful. I was nervous because of things people have said about root canals through the years but my experience was NOTHING like the horror stories I had been told! Fillings have been more painful. Everything was explained and they checked on me throughout the procedure to make sure I was handling it ok. I would definitely recommend Piedmont Endodontics to anyone. And although I hope I don’t need to return...if I do need to I would so happily!

- Abi B

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Patient Review by James w

Everything went unbelievably well!!!

- James w

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Patient Review by Sandy A

Dr. Morrow was professional, kind, patient and thorough during the entire procedure. I will return to this practice for future dental needs and will recommend Dr. Morrow and Heather to my friends and family. I never dreamed having a root canal could be so painless.

- Sandy A

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Patient Review by lorraine j

I highly recommend Dr Stanley. I came in with a emergency situation that I neglected for some time. Dr Stanley and Megan made every effort to help me overcome my painful situation. I recommend Dr Stanley and his practice and wants again his assistant Megan.

- lorraine j

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Patient Review by lisa s

Upon arrival for my appointment, I was "out of my mind" nervous due to a painful root canal I received around 20 years ago. I can honestly say that my procedure (root canal) at Piedmont Endodontics was totally different. Other than the pinch that goes along with numbing, "I didn't feel a thing." I was extremely impressed with Piedmont Endodontics' state of the art equipment, innovative technology, and cool gadgets, as well as the beautiful décor and over-all design of the office; however, those things were useless without the expertise, knowledge, professionalism, and kindness of those who were responsible for my care. Those amazing people were Joshua Morrow, DMD, MS and his assistant, Courtney. Thank you so much for being EXACTLY what I prayed for! Sincerely, Lisa S.

- lisa s

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Patient Review by Sheldon G

All the staff was great. The doctor DR. Morrow was excellent. He new I was petrofied of the procedure and within a few minutes actually made me comfortable His team was also great and caring Thankyou to the entire staff

- Sheldon G

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Patient Review by Luis Q

Dr. Stanley made me feel very safe. I was extremely nervous and honestly afraid. He helped understand what was going on the entire time. He was spot-on through everything. If something was going to give off a certain smell, it did exactly what he said it would. If something was going to feel a certain way, that exactly what happened. I appreciate both Dr. Stanley and Megan very much. Praying for them both!!

- Luis Q

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Patient Review by Vicky H

No one ever wants to have to have a root canal, but WOW! You all made my first experience with this AMAZING! Everyone was so accommodating and pleasant. Dr. Morrow and his Assistant were beyond incredible. So gentle, and informative of every step of the process. I had absolutely no pain at any time of the procedure. I even had to use the restroom in the middle of the procedure, and they let me! What a very professional and pleasant establishment you all have here. I will highly recommend you all to family and friends. Thank you so much for making my first (and hopefully last) experience such a nice, pleasant, and wonderful experience. It's a pleasure to visit a helpful, clean and pleasant atmosphere in today's world that we live in. May God Bless You All!

- Vicky H

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Patient Review by Jerry H

I was extremely well pleased with my experience at Piedmont Endodontics in the Winston- salem, NC office! They worked me in as an urgent root canal patient--- I was absolutely climbing the walls with tooth pain!! They were like a God send-- very professional , kind and compassionate. Dr Baird and Dawn his assistant worked with me and explained everything as they worked- I would be more than happy to recommend them to anyone I come in contact with that needs their services! Dr Heath - my dentist in Walkertown gave me their name and I am so thankful he did! TERRIFIC Job Folks!!!!!

- Jerry H

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Patient Review by James M

Dr. Morrow is an excellent doctor; very intelligent and thorough as well as being an extremely nice person! No one wants to have a root canal and this was my first and hopefully only one. I've only heard horror stories about them. Melanie greeted me warmly and escorted me to what I was expecting - the room of gloom. With her manner and kindness, I felt very good about my situation. But when Dr. Morrow came in and introduced himself and we chatted a little, I knew I was in a good place. He explained everything to me thoroughly up front and kept me well-informed during the procedure. I could not imagine being in a better place with better people, period! My wife, who is a retired RN could not believe I came home with NO PAIN. I felt great! Dr. Morrow and Melanie are ambassadors for your practice. Welcome to Greensboro, Dr. Morrow!

- James M

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Patient Review by Janet A

This was my first visit to Piedmont Endodontics, so of course I was unfamiliar with any of their providers. Thankfully I was scheduled with Dr. Joshua Morrow and Heather, his very knowledgeable and professional assistant. I was awoken out of my sleep with excruciating tooth pain and knew immediately that a root canal was indicated. My dentist referred me to the practice, making all of the arrangements. Needless to say, I was very stressed between the pain and having to undergo a root canal. Heather was so calming and reassuring and Dr. Morrow patiently explained the procedure, checking on my comfort level throughout the entire root canal. Dr. Morrow was so gentle, I never even felt the anesthetic, which put me completely at ease....I knew that I was in very capable hands. I highly recommend Dr. Morrow for anyone needing a root canal. He is a very gifted and compassionate endodontist and I will definitely relay my very positive experience to my dentist! Thank you Heather and Dr. Morrow.

- Janet A

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Patient Review by SUsan G

I liked everything about my experience at Piedmont Endodontics. The waiting room was pleasant and modern and well-kept. The reception staff was very nice and helpful. Dr. Baird was engaging and personable. I like a chatty treatment room atmosphere and he and Korie were both friendly, kind, and informative and put me at ease. Thanks and best wishes to them both.

- SUsan G

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Patient Review by Tracy S

I was welcomed, properly assessed with a thorough work up and a clearly explained treatment plan. I was treated with kindness and empathy from start to finish by all. All the essentials of a great visit!

- Tracy S

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Patient Review by Paul M

Dr. Morrow and Melanie were absolutely GREAT!.... I'm telling all my family and friends the great experience I had .

- Paul M

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Patient Review by Diane V

No complaints at all. Everyone was very prompt and courteous. The root canal procedure was probably one of the smoothest I have ever had. Dr. Baird and his assistant, Korie, were very kind and explained things as the procedure went along.

- Diane V

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Patient Review by Marie B

I imagine most people don't particularly like going to the dentist or to an endodontist, myself included. From the time I arrived at Piedmont Endodontics until I left, I was very pleased with my experience. At no time was I experiencing pain or fear. I was treated like royalty. I was given tinted glasses, headphones to listen to my own music and a warm blanket for even more comfort!!! Dr. Malueg and her assistant Paige were both wonderful. I don't recall ever having a visit of this type where I was so relaxed and never hurt from any of the procedures they did, including x-rays, numbing and the actual root canal. The discharge instructions given by both Dr. Malueg and Paige were just as clear and understandable as their concern for my treatment and comfort. I would not hesitate to return to this office and highly recommend them to anyone needing dental work of this nature. My overall rating for them is ....Excellent!!!!

- Marie B

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Patient Review by Mark M

Both Dr. Malueg and her assistant Paige were excellent. It was a long procedure that was relatively painless. Both were comforting and professional. Dr. M explained each step during the procedure.

- Mark M

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Patient Review by LaDora K

My tooth pain started during the night on a Thursday. By the time I woke up I knew I was going to have to have a root canal. I am way to familiar with them. My regular dentist office is closed on Fridays but I left a emergency message, didn't receive a call back. Started researching emergency dental offices. I had called a few and they each said I have an appointment Monday morning (that is surely NOT what your advertisement said, which was 24/7). I finally got a hold of a referral to Piedmont Endodontics in Greensboro. I called and was told to come on and they would work me in. When I arrived, I knew I had been there several different times during the years so that made me happy & comfortable already. The WHOLE office staff couldn't have been more friendly!!! The x-ray tech, the doctor's assistant I believe one was Allie & the other one Sharon(I think), anyway I was taken care of more than 100% if that's a thing. Dr. Stanley could NOT have been more personable and professional!!! It was a bad back bottom tooth that took a lot of work. EVERY minute through ALL of the procedures I was being reassured and made to feel at ease!!! They have the highest technology & professional office. If you need anything, DON'T hesitate to call them. They have the Greensboro office along with High Point, Winston-Salem, Kernersville & Asheboro. Again, everything was top-notch!!! Thank you for working me in....I couldn't have lasted all weekend. GREENSBORO STAFF 100% perfection !!!!

- LaDora K

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Patient Review by Donnie B

I was extremely pleased with the work of Dr. Baird and his assistant, Dawn. They answered all my questions and were very professional throughout the root canal procedure that was done on June 4, 2020. I would highly recommend their services to anyone. Also, they were concerned about my comfort level throughout the procedure--- which I appreciated.

- Donnie B

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Patient Review by Kathryn A

The office was clean and inviting. The personnel was very friendly and helpful. They along with Dr. Baird took their time with me which made me feel valued and well cared for. They made my endodontic experience a pleasant one. The three yes or no questions would not let me click "yes" and the location did not have Winston-Salem,

- Kathryn A

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