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Piedmont Endodontics

5 out of 5 stars based on 282 reviews.

Patient Review by Steve R

The root canal was nothing like I expected. I thought there would be more pain like that I have experienced in regular dental work where the anesthetic doesn't fully do the job. This was not the case, there was no pain whatsoever. Further, I always hate getting a shot in my gum and for many years I had all my dental work done without anesthetic. In later years I sucked it up and dealt with it. For my root canal, Dr. Stanley injected the anesthetic very slowly and this decreased the pain to almost nothing. This one thing probably made the whole experience great for me...well, that and getting the tooth fixed so I had no pain from it anymore. I have another root canal yet to be done and I actually look forward to going in and seeing Dr. Stanley and the staff. They do truly great work. ATTENTION: PLEASE REMOVE THIS SECTION WITH ALL CAPS BEFORE POSTING THE REVIEW - ON MY COMPUTER, THE STARS DON'T SHOW UP. I WAS ABLE TO SEE FIVE BLUE SQUARE BLOCKS BY DRAGGING THE CURSOR OVER THE AREA WHERE THEY ARE LOCATED. I TRIED TO CLICK ON THE FIFTH BLOCK, HOPING THIS WAS EQUIVALENT TO THE FIFTH STAR - AT ANY RATE, MY RATING IS FIVE STARS ON BOTH SECTIONS, OVERALL SATISFACTION AND OVERALL DOCTOR EVALUATION. THANK YOU.

- Steve R

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Patient Review by Lynn K

Dr. Baird was great! I have a very small mouth and many times as the numbing wears off my jaws hurt really bad. BUT!! with Dr. Baird I did not have that after pain. He took his time numbing me and Ashley was great at distracting me during that process. Dr. Baird did a great job. I would highly recommend this practice and staff to anyone. I really liked how Dr. Baird explained everything and he was very gentle as he worked in my mouth. I felt very comfortable.

- Lynn K

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Patient Review by Chauncey J

Professionalism... I felt very secure with no doubts.

- Chauncey J

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Patient Review by Ann K

The office and medical staff fit me in their schedule the day I called and told them I needed a root canal. When I arrived, the office staff was kind and knowledgeable. The assistant (Becca) took time to answer questions and even make conversation to help ease my mind. Dr. Steve Mohorn was caring and compassionate as if I was part of his family. There was minimal pain during the procedure which lasted only about 30 minutes. In fact, I did not even know when Dr Mohorn had inserted the needle to numb my gums. He wiggled my mouth while Becca tapped on my shoulder. This somehow completely distracted me! Although I hope to never need their services again, they will certainly be the practice I return to if necessary!

- Ann K

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Patient Review by Pam J

The doctor and his assistant were excellent. She walked me through everything they were going to do. Dr. Matt was very nice as well. Great conversation. I was able to relax through the procedure. Very professional.

- Pam J

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Patient Review by Amy G

I had a root canal get done, I did not feel any pain at all during the process. They were great! They Kept checking up to see if I was alright during. I would come back for sure if I have any other issues!

- Amy G

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Patient Review by Yvette S

I would highly recommend Dr. Hal Mohorn and Kristin. They were great and I would return and ask for them if I ever needed more dental work. The staff was very warm and helpful.

- Yvette S

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Patient Review by Tara B

From the time you walk in the door, everyone makes you feel at ease/comfortable. The entire staff (Receptionist-Check-In/Check-Out, Assisting Staff and Doctors) are all so friendly and kind. I would highly recommend Piedmont Endodontics!

- Tara B

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Patient Review by Maria C

All the service was excellent I add that the Dr Matthew W. Baird and his assistant are the best I have found excellent work

- Maria C

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Patient Review by Alma T

I think Dr. Malueg and her assistant were as gentle as could be and as efficient as anyone I have ever seen before. It was a long process and I asked for something to go under my neck and a towel was rolled to place under it that helped my arthritis pain in the neck.

- Alma T

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Patient Review by Jayne M

The dental assistant working with Dr. Morgan was an absolute "hoot". She was very assuring and accommodating. I certainly won't say that it was a pleasure, but I survived. Life is still good.

- Jayne M

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Patient Review by Annette B

Both Dr. Stanley and his assistant (Sherry) were extremely attentive and did everything possible to make sure that i was comfortable during the entire procedure. Dr. Stanley explained every step of the process, while efficiently and painlessly administering anesthetic and completing the root canal treatment. Both he and Sherry explained the post - procedure care / ibuprofen dosage to prevent any possible pain or discomfort in the next 2 days. I would give these great professionals an A+ !

- Annette B

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Patient Review by Susan T

Doctor and assistant made sure I understood everything about and was comfortable with the procedure before beginning.

- Susan T

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Patient Review by Gina M

Everyone at the office was friendly and professional and really seemed to love their job. Sherry and Dr. Stanley were kind, compassionate, and worked swiftly but thoroughly. They are truly both great at their job. Felt as though I’d know them for years. Thank you for great care. I would definitely choose Dr. Stanley again and would not want to see anyone else. (completely painless for me). Great experience to be a root canal.

- Gina M

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Patient Review by Glenn D

Everything was explained well throughout the whole process. Very pleasant experience from arrival until leaving. Couldn't have been better.

- Glenn D

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Patient Review by DI M

I never submit reviews for anything but read them frequently. I had to have an emergency root canal and had looked at all the reviews prior to my visit about no pain, etc. I did not believe them because I have never been to a dentist and did not experience pain. IT IS TRUE! I did not experience any pain and it was the best dental experience I have ever had in my life and I have had veneers, caps, root canals and the works. Dr. Baird and Ashley were wonderful from beginning to end of the procedure and I was very numb and did not even feel pressure. I highly recommend this practice. I would love for the team to do general dentistry because I would not go anywhere else.

- DI M

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Patient Review by Bonnie P

Most people don't like to go to the dentist and DREAD those horrible words "You need a Root Canal". But when you have Doctors and staff that are so honestly concerned about your comfort and well being, it makes a world of difference. They don't want to cause or see you in pain any more than you want to BE in pain. They really do CARE how you are doing and want to do everything they can to make you better! Excellent staff! Excellent Doctors! Excellent Work!

- Bonnie P

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Patient Review by Kasey P

Dr. Stanley was so kind, gentle and informative throughout my entire first root canal experience. He talked me through the process before, during and after to ensure that I knew exactly what was going on and what to expect. The numbing shot on the roof of my mouth was the worst part and it barely even hurt because he applied a cold, dry ice solution (I think) to numb that area before the initial prick. He went a step above any previous dentist I've received numbing shots from and made this time as pain free as possible. This was my first root canal and from his awesome work and gentle approach to everything it's by far the best experience I've ever had with any dental work. I highly recommend Dr. Stanley and I will definitely be requesting Dr. Stanley for any procedures that may arise in the future!

- Kasey P

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Patient Review by Jeffery C

I could not afford the care I needed, but the receptionist told me about She explained how easy it was to do. no interest if paid in full for 6 mo. after it's 26% from the beginning, so hopefully, I will get it paid by then. It was very easy to do online with my smartphone as she said. She went the extra mile to help me get the care I needed I. can't remember her name but very sweet, kind, and, helpful lady. Everyone was very professional and courteous at Piedmont Endodontics. I was nervous, this was my first root canal. Dr. Baird and Dawn explained everything as they went, kept me informed, occasionally Dawn asked if I was okay which made me at ease. I have heard a lot about how bad painful a root canal it would be, that it will not work, that it is a waste of money, and that you will lose your tooth anyway. It did not hurt near like I was told, some pain during the numbing as you have may have experienced, but it was not extream. He put topical numbing first and let it set. " It did not hurt at all during the procedure". I am at the end of my second day and am not hurting and have a very little swelling. I had an abscess infection so I started antibiotics the day before the root canal, taking it 3 x daily. I took ibuprofen the morning before the procedure, and have taken it every 6 hours as directed for pain. I will stop after 48 hours. I was given another prescription for pain but don't think I will need it. Dr. Baird when he was almost finished went back over what he had done and wasn't completely satisfied, so he went an extra step to ensure everything was perfect. I knew then I had the best care possible. I felt better soon as He was finished but thought it may be just from the numbing, but it still feels better. I will definitely recommend this team to anyone who needs there care. As for all the negativity I have heard, they must not have had a professional team that really knows and specializes in root canals as Dr.Baird and Dawn. Thanks for your care, Jeff

- Jeffery C

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Patient Review by Brenda D

I am very pleased with my treatment at Piedmont Endodontics. From the time that I walked in, throughout the procedure, I knew exactly what was going on, the staff took great care of me. This really made an unpleasant item (having to get a root canal) a pleasant experience! thanks again!

- Brenda D

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