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Piedmont Endodontics

5 out of 5 stars based on 316 reviews.

Patient Review by David G

Excellent care First Class

- David G

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Patient Review by Hannah G

I had to go to the Winston Salem location for an emergency root canal. Hopefully, I will never need to come back, but if I did have a dental emergency, I would gladly return. I was/am very afraid of dental procedures, the whole staff was encouraging and comforting. Even after the procedure, they called to check on me and quickly helped with an issue I was having with the antibiotics. This was as pleasant as could possibly be for a dental visit.

- Hannah G

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Patient Review by Shermale M

I have been exceptionally impressed with the level of skill and professionalism I continue to receive by the Piedmont Endodontic, practice as a whole. This has been my first visit to the Kernersville location, but my second visit with the practice, and second visit with Dr. Baird. I had a very pleasant and effective treatment experience with him and the Greensboro office in 2016, and I have nothing but an even better report for him and this present office staff during such a critical time as this. I was so nervous and apprehensive about the need for emergency endodontic work given the present COVID19 pandemic. However, I am appreciative of how they were able to immediately work me in for a same day appointment. Further I am grateful for the follow up care I am having thus far. I highly recommend Dr. Baird and his team, as well as Piedmont Endodontics.

- Shermale M

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Patient Review by Gladys V

I was in need of a root canal...So grateful that Piedmont Endodontics was open during the “Shelter in place order” due to COVID-19 crisis. Both Dr. Steven G. Mohorn and Grace were wonderful! Thank you for taking such good care of me!! Grace even gave me warm blanket to keep me comfortable. Thank you! ️

- Gladys V

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Patient Review by Rheta M

Had no problem with my procedure and had a good experience

- Rheta M

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Patient Review by Darryl H

Again I want to say thank you to the entire staff and Dr. Morgan for todays procedure. I called early today, was told to come right in and was in the chair within a total of 1 hour. First time I have been to your practice and with all that is going on with Covid 19 I wanted to take time to express my appreciation. Darryl Howard

- Darryl H

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Patient Review by Freddie G

the way Grace was so sweet and caring for my comfort and the way the doctor treated you so kind and caring

- Freddie G

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Patient Review by Diane J

This was my first experience at having to have a root canal and I am an extremely anxious dental patient. Dr. Stanley and Sherry were quick to understand my anxiety and could not have been more understanding and calming. Both have excellent bedside manners making me feel comfortable and confident that I was in good hands. The patient reception area is pleasant and the check in/check out staff efficient, professional and kind. The follow up call the next day was greatly appreciated. I highly recommend Dr. Stanley and Sherry and the Piedmont Endodontics practice and would hope if I ever need another procedure - they will be able to see me. Thanks again Dr. Stanley and Sherry!!!!!!

- Diane J

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Patient Review by Kathleen R

Made me feel special and well cared for including a warm blanket. They were attentive to my needs and made the whole experience very comfortable for me.

- Kathleen R

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Patient Review by Sarah H

I felt that all the staff were extremely competent and knowledgeable, and helped put me at ease with my procedure.

- Sarah H

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Patient Review by Haven D

Dr. Baird was awesome,professional and kind. Best Endo Dr. around... can’t say enough. He rocks!!! Ashley his assistant had a awesome chair side personality. Great Endo-dental assistant. One of the best Dental Assistants, very kind and down to earth and very professional. Dr. Baird and Ashley make a perfect team and my experience was very pleasant 10 plus

- Haven D

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Patient Review by BONNIE W

The whole staff was great. Assisting staff was awesome as well as Dr. Malueg. They made me feel very comfortable and relaxed and completely explained the procedure. I couldn't have asked for a more pleasant pain free experience.


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Patient Review by Julie P

I was worked in on the day of referral, very pleasant staff! Dr. Baird and Dawn made sure I was taken care of and made sure my root canal was a pain free experience!

- Julie P

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Patient Review by Jessica H

The staff was very caring and nice,Doctor Morgan was one of the best doctors I have ever seen .On this survey it did not list Winston office ,so I put don't know.

- Jessica H

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Patient Review by Donna G

I loved the fact that the doctor explained everything she was doing as she went. She made sure I would not feel a thing and I did not feel anything. She also explained what to expect after the treatment. Thank you Dr. Leslie Malueg!

- Donna G

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Patient Review by Melissa V

Dr. Mohorn (Harold) and Jessica were fantastic! Both had excellent bedside manner, were informative, and very easy-going. I experience anxiety with dental procedures; however, they answered all my questions, and went above and beyond to make sure I was completely comfortable before proceeding. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience, especially considering the nature of my visit. Thanks so much for all you did!

- Melissa V

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Patient Review by Yvonne P

Both Sherry and Dr. Stanley were wonderful. They had a calming manner and answered all my questions in detail. I loved the way they explained the procedure prior to beginning and then informed which step was happening as they completed the procedure. They also explained what to expect and what to do when going home. I loved the fact that I didn't feel rushed as happens in so many doctor/dental offices. My only question about the practice is why claims are not filed with medical insurance. I called my provider, Anthem BC/BS and they told me they do sometimes pay for root canals depending upon how it is filed. I do not have dental insurance so it would have been very helpful if it had been filed on my health insurance.

- Yvonne P

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Patient Review by MARY C

Dr Baird was very professional, and cracked a few funny jokes during my procedure to make me relax. He was very good at the procedure and other than the needles and numbing medicine, it was the best root canal I ever had. This was my second one at your office, but the first one with Dr. Baird.


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Patient Review by Kristina P

Considering I was there for a root canal, and that I have terrible anxiety about dental care, my appointment went well. Dr. Stanley was very patient and took the time to try to make me feel at ease. He stopped the procedure as necessary to make sure I was okay. Hopefully, I will never need another root canal, but if I do, I would definitely want Dr. Stanley to perform the procedure. My experience interacting with the practice was very good - from the first phone call to the last.

- Kristina P

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Patient Review by Lynnetta B

The doctor and assistant were very calming, patient, and accurate during my visit. They made this dental visit the best experience ever in a dentist’s office.

- Lynnetta B

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