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Piedmont Endodontics

5 out of 5 stars based on 389 reviews.

Patient Review by Rose J

I was blown away by how professional and accommodating the staff was. I was asked several times if I had certain questions regarding the procedure, but even if I had questions, they were quick to inform me of what was happening so I knew what to expect along the way. The assisting staff was so nice and Dr Stanley was as well. I felt at ease the entire time. I feel very prepared for my recovery as well. Thank you!!

- Rose J

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Patient Review by Christie L

I’ve had several scary dental events in the past which has led me to be very Andy when visiting the dentist. Everyone here was fantastic and it was a smooth process. Special shout out to Korie, she was so kind and patient. Overall great experience. Thank you all!

- Christie L

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Patient Review by Jerry T

Everything was explained and I was put at ease every step of the way.

- Jerry T

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Patient Review by Jolene C

Dr. Malueg and her assistant Melissa were wonderful! I was nervous about the root canal therapy but they made it so much easier. Dr. Malueg explained everything during the procedure and I had no pain. I would recommend her to everyone! Thank you for such a great experience!

- Jolene C

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Patient Review by Maggie D

everyone was so kind and explained what to expect in each part of the experience from the moment I walked in the door. Kayla put her hand on my shoulder to comfort me when I was a little jumpy at start of appt. Dr. Horwitz explained what he was going to do before starting the procedure but also continued to give me updates on how it was going throughout the procedure. I especially appreciated when I could expect to hear some noises. Everyone was efficient and yet didn't appear rushed even though they were busy. They were all really great.

- Maggie D

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Patient Review by Karin F

Dr. Zack Mohorn had a wonderful bedside manner. He and Tonya made sure all my questions were answered, I was comfortable, and most importantly calmed my nerves with friendly conversation and humor.

- Karin F

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Patient Review by Randy M

Any time you go to a new doctor you are not sure what to expect. From the minute the front desk staff said hello, it just felt right to be there. The whole staff was awesome. Dr. Stanley was very reassuring that he was going to take good care of me and he did. I may have to have another root canal done and Dr. Stanley and his staff will be the ones that I go to. Very impressed and very appreciative with the whole experience.

- Randy M

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Patient Review by Kathleen T

As soon as we walked in, we sensed such a spirit of excellence. Dr. Stanley explained everything, frequently checking with me to make sure I was okay. He was so gentle, professional and kind; and his assistant Tracy, was great as well. April and Chrystal at the front desk were so friendly and helpful. All staff members and the relaxing and beautiful ambiance made a potentially dreadful experience so very pleasant!

- Kathleen T

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Patient Review by Vickie C

Every single person I had contact with, from the initial call to schedule, until I walked out the door after procedure, was professional, kind and courteous. The assistants during 2 separate root canal procedures were right beside me, spoke calmly and were reassuring. It was a different lady each time but they were both great. Patted my hand or shoulder during the numbing which was both comforting and distracting. Dr. Baird was very professional and efficient. I felt like they were focused only on me and did everything they could to make me as comfortable and informed as possible.

- Vickie C

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Patient Review by Carolyn L

Everything about the office was warm and friendly .Since mine was a strange situation I was a little nervous but Dr Mohorn and Jessica assured me that everything would be fine. They made everything easy to handle. Thanks so much !!

- Carolyn L

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Patient Review by Judy S

Dr. Horowitz and his staff were so nice during my visit. They calmed my fears and I almost went to sleep while he was working on me. He was very professional and started working on me within 5 min. after I got in the treatment room. If I ever need any more work done regarding root canals, I will definitely go back to him.

- Judy S

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Patient Review by Brian W

I am a very nervous person when it comes to dental work. They had me relaxed and explained everything they were going to do in detail. Made me super comfortable and the procedure was a total success from beginning to end. Thank you to everyone!

- Brian W

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Patient Review by Anthony S

Dr. Stanley and his dental assistant Amber were both great. When you are in pain you need everything to go smoothly. I would highly recommend this place if you are in need of there expertise.

- Anthony S

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Patient Review by Ed F

You have a completely professional and first rate practice. Every team member I had contact with was friendly and knew their stuff. I have 100% confidence in the clinical care provided. The assistant was extremely competent, and kept me informed of all "next steps" during my visit. Dr. Malueg is the best. Honest, thorough and a very calm manner that goes a long way when being treated.

- Ed F

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Patient Review by Thomas D

Dr. Malueg and Bridgett were absolutely great. They are caring, comforting and made me feel completely at ease during the procedure. They explained everything they were doing, answered any question I had and went over all post instructions so I left with utmost confidence in the experience. I will need another root canal and will definitely request these two caring providers again.

- Thomas D

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Patient Review by Lee J

I was experiencing extreme tooth pain when I arrived, both Meagan and Sherry took great care in keeping me as comfortable as possible. They kept me calm during the whole procedure. Dr. Stanley was very reassuring and kept me informed during the entire time. I cannot say enough about this team, from the front desk to the procedure room. Thank you very much

- Lee J

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Patient Review by Marty T

This was my first time having a root canal so I was pretty nervous about having the procedure. Dr. Stanley and his assistants were all excellent and took very good care of me. They all took time to explain things as they were happening and asked multiple times if I was doing okay. I really hope this was the first and last root canal for me. If not, I can assure you that I will be contacting Dr. Stanley. Thank you all for making what I thought would be a very unpleasant experience a pleasant one!

- Marty T

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Patient Review by Lisa H

Dr. Stanley and the entire staff made a root canal a smooth experience. Thank you!

- Lisa H

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Patient Review by Charles B

I saw Dr. Morrow and found him very professional and knowledgable. He answered all of questions in a clear and complete manner.

- Charles B

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Patient Review by Jessica J

Dr. Baird and Ashley were great. They work will together and I almost forgot I was getting a root canal.

- Jessica J

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