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Piedmont Endodontics

5 out of 5 stars based on 392 reviews.

Patient Review by James W

Would be a toss up between Dr. Morgan and the lady who assisted him. Forced to choose between the two I'd have to go with the lady who assisted. Obviously I wasn't her first patient. She knew exactly how to treat a person. Was very polite, very caring, had a calming effect on me. And from a patients viewpoint, she knew exactly what she was doing, seemed to be well in tune with Dr. Morgan.

- James W

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Patient Review by Teresa J

Courteous and nice. Procedures were explained well, Dr. Morgan was so kind and gentle. Tanya really put me at ease. She is a tremendous asset to your practice. I would not hesitate to see you again. Your doctors are wonderful. I give you give stars on everything.

- Teresa J

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Patient Review by Virginia W

This was my first experience with Dr. Steve Mohorn. He was very professional and assured me he would be gentle with little or no pain.I was very pleased and his assistant,Allie also helped to relieve my anxiety. Dr.Mohorn and staff stayed overtime to finish my procedure. He did an excellent job and I would recommend his service.

- Virginia W

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Patient Review by Nancy W

The reception staff is very courteous and pleasant. They greet you with a smile. The assisting staff is kind, makes sure you are comfortable, very informative. The doctor is knowledgeable, presents you with options, thorough, GENTLE, helps you reach a comfort level with the situation and very compassionate.

- Nancy W

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Patient Review by Kathy C

I was very nervous before my appointment. Dr. Morgan and asst Sharon were very kind and their expertise shined through. Can't thank them enough for their patience and compassion.

- Kathy C

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Patient Review by Kevin "Marty" F

Your office has the best customer service staff I have ever experienced in any Doctors office. Dr Stanley was very pleasant and explained procedure very well.

- Kevin "Marty" F

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Patient Review by Patricia W

Sharon and Dr. Morgan were both extremely nice and compassionate towards me. They explained everything on a level that I was able to understand and made sure I was comfortable before proceeding to the next steps

- Patricia W

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Patient Review by stephanie s

Staff was nice, was well pleased with Dr. Morgan

- stephanie s

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Patient Review by Shelley S

I am very particular about visiting dentists/endodontists because I have had some very bad experiences. Dr. Morgan and his staff were amazing from the moment I walked in to when I left. This was a very painful experience for me because I waited to take care of this situation when I should not have. They even called the next day to check on me. I am very pleased with my treatment. This was ultimately the best experience I have had in a doctor's office of any kind. Thank you and I actually look forward to the next time.

- Shelley S

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Patient Review by Robert Y

Professional staff. Clean office environment and great endodontist

- Robert Y

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Patient Review by Delano W

Entire staff was wonderful. Everyone was very nice, and the doctor did a great job.

- Delano W

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Patient Review by Dan A

While far from my preferred way to spend a morning, I was super pleased with the care I received and the resulting relief of my pain. Dr Malueg and her assistant Barbara were knowledgeable, skilled, compassionate, caring, gentle and friendly. This generated a very high degree of trust and confidence, The root canal procedure was virtually painless. I am so thankful for the Mohorn practice, but hope I don't have to see them often.

- Dan A

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