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Piedmont Endodontics

5 out of 5 stars based on 392 reviews.

Patient Review by Lisa H

Dr. Stanley and the entire staff made a root canal a smooth experience. Thank you!

- Lisa H

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Patient Review by Charles B

I saw Dr. Morrow and found him very professional and knowledgable. He answered all of questions in a clear and complete manner.

- Charles B

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Patient Review by Jessica J

Dr. Baird and Ashley were great. They work will together and I almost forgot I was getting a root canal.

- Jessica J

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Patient Review by Raymond D

Dr. and assistant were very nice and pleasant to work with. Took great care of me.

- Raymond D

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Patient Review by Jane K

Precision, coordination, synchronicity between Cayla and Dr. Horowitz amazing…

- Jane K

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Patient Review by Janet W

I was seen the same day that I called and was worked in as an emergency. Paige and Dr. Malueg were extremely caring and informative throughout my entire visit. This was my first root canal, and I would recommend this staff to anyone. Thanks for taking care of me and relieving my pain.

- Janet W

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Patient Review by Anonymous A

Dr. Horwitz was very patient, explaining what he was doing and answering all my questions. He worked quickly and took care of my pain. His assistant was wonderful as well. Both were highly professional, extremely competent, and very polite.

- Anonymous A

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Patient Review by Allen A

Debbie was very nice in the admitting office who called me back for an earlier appointment. I had to go out of town and they had an opening. DR. Morrow was excellent. He told me what to expect and let me know each step he was taking. It was very reassuring. Courtney, his assistant made sure I was comfortable and kept the procedure flowing. I would definitely go back to him. He is very skillful at his profession. Office was a nice clean room, good view of outside and very comfortable. Thank you all for making it a good experience..

- Allen A

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Patient Review by Marion D

Everything was done all in one visit

- Marion D

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Patient Review by Starr M

Dr. Stanley was very kind and reassuring during the procedure. He explained what he was doing and why he was doing it. He was patient with me and my inability to keep my mouth open wide because of my TMJ,. I had very little soreness the next day. I give him an A+!

- Starr M

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Patient Review by Tracy G

From the initial consult thru the actual procedure the entire staff showed compassion and care. Dr. Baird has a very calming presence and was honest about some of the uncertainties with having to have an old root canal re-done. Who knew 17 years later a previous root canal could cause issues??? They explained each step of the procedure and called the next day to check on how I was doing. I hope I don’t have to see them again but I have no hesitation if I do! Highly recommend!

- Tracy G

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Patient Review by Larry D

Great staff, very knowledgeable

- Larry D

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Patient Review by John A

Ashley and Matt (Dr. Baird) are a great team. They made the process as comfortable as possible. I was very happy with the result.

- John A

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Patient Review by Jon A

Expedient, professional approach

- Jon A

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Patient Review by Denise F

Dr.William Stanley is the best endodontist I have ever used. I loved how he explained my condition with me as well as treatment options. On the day of the procedure I was very nervous, but Dr.Stanley soon made me feel comfortable & relaxed and the procedures was painless. Truly amazing experience, Highly recommend this office, Dr.Stanley and staff are an Awesome team!

- Denise F

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Patient Review by Brenda T

This was at Winston office, (wasn’t listed in choice of location). Dr Leslie Maleug, and her assistant, was excellent. So caring and explained every step. This was a painless procedure and was completed so timely. Cannot say enough positive things about the entire experience. Highly recommend this office! Dr Maleug is the absolute Best!

- Brenda T

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Patient Review by Randy S

Dr. and Assistant were fabulous. Excellent work and no "beating around the bush". Did a fantastic job with obvious professionalism and proficiency. Obviously concerned about the time of the procedure for the benefit of the patient and the completeness/success of the procedure. Great teamwork.

- Randy S

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Patient Review by Tammy R

I was an extremely nervous and anxious patient and can honestly say that the staff and Dr. Horwitz are wonderful. I was seen at the Winston Salem office but that was not an option in the dropdown menu during this survey so I wanted to mention the office team. This team is top notch and put me as ease with how they explained the process to me and allowed me ask questions and moments to have a break to keep me comfortable during the procedure.

- Tammy R

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Patient Review by Jana T

Dr Horwitz and his assistant Julie did an amazing job! Very thankful that I was able to be worked in for this appt!

- Jana T

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Patient Review by Sareena A

If I could give more than 5 stars I would! Was told by my coworkers that having a root canal was very painful! Dr. Stanley and his assistant did an excellent job! Did not even realized he had completed an entire root canal procedure!! (thought he was just cleaning out a cavity that was close to my root). The entire process was very painless and very pleased with the reassurance & him explaining every step of the way on what was being done! They were so amazing that I went to work the next day without even having to take an ibuprofen in case of any discomfort which there wasn’t any! Highly recommend & definitely made my first experience painless!

- Sareena A

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