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Dr. Matthew W. Baird at Piedmont Endodontics Dr. Matthew W. Baird is a native of Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. He attended Penn State University, where he received his BS Degree in Life Science. He earned his DDS Degree from Chapel Hill, where he graduated with honors and was awarded the OKU membership in the National Dental Honor Society.

Dr. Baird completed his training with his Endodontic Certification at the University of Texas in San Antonio. He has served as the President of the High Point Dental Society and is working towards a diplomate status with the American Board of Endodontics.

He and his wife, Carrie, have two daughters, Aislyn and Audrey, and a son, Isaac.

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Patient Testimonials for Dr. Matthew W. Baird

Piedmont Endodontics

5 out of 5 stars based on 70 Dr. Matthew W. Baird reviews.

Patient Review by Dale P

I am so impressed with the entire office of Piedmont Endodontics that I had to share my experience! I am an Army Vet and typically have my Dental work done at the VA in Kernersville but due to them not having an appointment available for several weeks for my root canal they sent in a request to Piedmont Endodontics in Kernersville. Within 24 hours of receiving my request from the VA I was walking in the door for my root canal. I was immediately greeted when I walked in, and once I gave my name to the receptionist she thanked me for my service and told me what to expect today. I waited 10 minutes and than went back and was greeted by Dawn who did the X-rays and who would be assisting Dr. Baird. Dawn was the most caring and supportive medical provider I have ever encountered in my life! She was friendly and genuinely cared for her patients, and made you feel like you were valued and not just a number. When it was time for the root canal Dr. Baird as the exact same way! The entire procedure lasted less than a hour including the reshaping of the chipped tooth I needed the root canal for. I was offered headphones to distract from the noise of the procedure and was asked multiple times if I was okay or if I needed anything. Lastly and this is the big one, It was not as bad as everyone says it is! You tell someone your having a root canal, and they act like its the worst experience they ever encountered. Truth is aside from a little pinch for the numbing agent the entire experience was great! Dr. Baird did a fantastic job, ensured I was not going to feel any pain, was fast and efficient and during the entire procedure. Best of all he got rid of my tooth pain! If you ever need a root canal stop worrying about it and call Dr. Baird and his team @ 336-423-5075 you wont find anyone better!

- Dale P

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Patient Review by Darrell M

From a very young age I had always had high anxiety where Dentist were concern. I historically had never required any major dental work other than a crown several years ago. Now here comes the need for a root canal. Oh boy I said to myself. But I am happy to say that my experience with Piedmont Endodontics was phenomenal. Dr. Baird and his staff were great. I experienced no pain or discomfort, and was informed of the next step during the procedure. I am impressed and grateful. Thank you.

- Darrell M

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Patient Review by Lynn K

Dr. Baird was great! I have a very small mouth and many times as the numbing wears off my jaws hurt really bad. BUT!! with Dr. Baird I did not have that after pain. He took his time numbing me and Ashley was great at distracting me during that process. Dr. Baird did a great job. I would highly recommend this practice and staff to anyone. I really liked how Dr. Baird explained everything and he was very gentle as he worked in my mouth. I felt very comfortable.

- Lynn K

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Patient Review by Chauncey J

Professionalism... I felt very secure with no doubts.

- Chauncey J

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Patient Review by Pam J

The doctor and his assistant were excellent. She walked me through everything they were going to do. Dr. Matt was very nice as well. Great conversation. I was able to relax through the procedure. Very professional.

- Pam J

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Patient Review by Maria C

All the service was excellent I add that the Dr Matthew W. Baird and his assistant are the best I have found excellent work

- Maria C

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Patient Review by DI M

I never submit reviews for anything but read them frequently. I had to have an emergency root canal and had looked at all the reviews prior to my visit about no pain, etc. I did not believe them because I have never been to a dentist and did not experience pain. IT IS TRUE! I did not experience any pain and it was the best dental experience I have ever had in my life and I have had veneers, caps, root canals and the works. Dr. Baird and Ashley were wonderful from beginning to end of the procedure and I was very numb and did not even feel pressure. I highly recommend this practice. I would love for the team to do general dentistry because I would not go anywhere else.

- DI M

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Patient Review by Bonnie P

Most people don't like to go to the dentist and DREAD those horrible words "You need a Root Canal". But when you have Doctors and staff that are so honestly concerned about your comfort and well being, it makes a world of difference. They don't want to cause or see you in pain any more than you want to BE in pain. They really do CARE how you are doing and want to do everything they can to make you better! Excellent staff! Excellent Doctors! Excellent Work!

- Bonnie P

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Patient Review by Jeffery C

I could not afford the care I needed, but the receptionist told me about She explained how easy it was to do. no interest if paid in full for 6 mo. after it's 26% from the beginning, so hopefully, I will get it paid by then. It was very easy to do online with my smartphone as she said. She went the extra mile to help me get the care I needed I. can't remember her name but very sweet, kind, and, helpful lady. Everyone was very professional and courteous at Piedmont Endodontics. I was nervous, this was my first root canal. Dr. Baird and Dawn explained everything as they went, kept me informed, occasionally Dawn asked if I was okay which made me at ease. I have heard a lot about how bad painful a root canal it would be, that it will not work, that it is a waste of money, and that you will lose your tooth anyway. It did not hurt near like I was told, some pain during the numbing as you have may have experienced, but it was not extream. He put topical numbing first and let it set. " It did not hurt at all during the procedure". I am at the end of my second day and am not hurting and have a very little swelling. I had an abscess infection so I started antibiotics the day before the root canal, taking it 3 x daily. I took ibuprofen the morning before the procedure, and have taken it every 6 hours as directed for pain. I will stop after 48 hours. I was given another prescription for pain but don't think I will need it. Dr. Baird when he was almost finished went back over what he had done and wasn't completely satisfied, so he went an extra step to ensure everything was perfect. I knew then I had the best care possible. I felt better soon as He was finished but thought it may be just from the numbing, but it still feels better. I will definitely recommend this team to anyone who needs there care. As for all the negativity I have heard, they must not have had a professional team that really knows and specializes in root canals as Dr.Baird and Dawn. Thanks for your care, Jeff

- Jeffery C

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Patient Review by Lawrence C

From stepping in the office, being seen by the assistant, the doctor, to checking out...the experience was great. Everyone has an image or myth about having a root canal. This office reassured everything would be fine and they worked hard to make as comfortable as possible. They put my mind at ease and dispelled all myths commonly associated with root canals. There was little to no pain while they did the procedure.

- Lawrence C

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Patient Review by Alice G

Thank you Dr. Baird and Dawn for taking care of me today. You were able to find the tooth that was bothering me and perform a root canal quickly and without any pain. I am grateful for your skill and expertise.

- Alice G

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Patient Review by Pam A

Dawn & Dr. Baird were the perfect combination of expertise & care! Both made me feel at ease from the start. They were confident in their roles; therefore, I was also confident in them & myself! Thank you Dr. Baird & Dawn!

- Pam A

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Patient Review by Catherine S

I liked how it was possible to view what root canal looked like via the video on the website. The dental technician and dentist explained the procedure and let me know how it was going during the procedure. It went very smoothly and I was happy to thank everyone as I left the practice. I would highly recommend this practice.

- Catherine S

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Patient Review by Shawn S

I loved the professionalism and friendly atmosphere that the office had.

- Shawn S

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Patient Review by Patti H

I saw Dr. Baird and his wonderful staff on a Friday regarding several teeth for which I had been referred by my general dentist. The kindness of the staff was evident from the moment I stepped in the door. Dr. Baird and his staff performed extensive testing of the teeth in question, explaining what they were doing and why with each step. Treatment recommendations were made and I felt well informed and comfortable with the information given to make a knowledgeable decision about which care was best for my situation. Fortunately, no treatment was required at this time but if or when I need endodontic treatment I will return to this practice without hesitation. THANK YOU for being so wonderful!

- Patti H

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Patient Review by Brenda

I am a senior citizen and have been to the dentist more times than I would like to remember. It is my least favorite thing to do. Thanks to the staff, Ashley and Dr Baird my problem was solved and I am on my way to recover!!! I will refer all my friends.

- Brenda

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Patient Review by Safiyah S

It was great I didn’t feel a thing I was still the whole time, and the doctors there were really friendly they even gave you relaxing music to listen to (earbuds/song of youre choice) if you needed to drown out the sound, If you haven’t been I totally recommend it.

- Safiyah S

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Patient Review by Heather S

They continued to check on me during procedure, and explained everything that they did, from lowering my chair to applying the dental dam. They provided me with headphones and a warmed blanket and safety goggles which were shaded, so it helped keep me sedate and peaceful.

- Heather S

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Patient Review by Ronda S

Everyone was so nice and helpful! Checked on me during procedure to make sure I was ok. Explained everything wonderfully before and after. Couldn't have had a better experience! Thank you!

- Ronda S

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Patient Review by Patricia W

Dr. Baird and his assistant prepared me for the steps that would occur during my procedure. They constantly check to be sure I was doing okay. Then made sure what I could expect after returning home. Appreciate their care and concern.

- Patricia W

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