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Dr. Leslie Malueg at Piedmont Endodontics Dr. Leslie Malueg is a native of Bardstown, Kentucky. She received her undergraduate degree in Dental Hygiene, her DMD degree from the University of Kentucky, and completed her Endodontic Specialty training at the University of Iowa.

Dr. Malueg has taught clinical endodontics at the University of Iowa and has served as a clinical associate professor in the Department of Endodontics at the University of Louisville. She has served as president of the Kentucky Association of Endodontists and is working toward a diplomate status with the American Board of Endodontics.

Dr. Malueg is married to John and they have 2 sons and a daughter.

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Patient Testimonials for Dr. Leslie Malueg

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5 out of 5 stars based on 73 Dr. Leslie Malueg reviews.

Patient Review by Kenneth E

My first root canal and I was nervous, but everyone made me feel comfortable and treated me with nothing but respect, and Lisa the assistant really took great care of me by explaining every detail that would take place and was really nice and joked around with me which really helped to take my mind off of the precedure , the Dr Leslie came in and was really nice and caring, both Dr Leslie and Lisa made feel comfortable and in my opinion went the extra mile to take care of my dental problems, and from the start of the procedure to the end of it I never felt no pain and two days later still haven't felt no pain. I would like to thank Dr Leslie and Lisa for all they did and I highly recommend them to anyone needing dental assistant . Sincerely Kenneth Epperson

- Kenneth E

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Patient Review by Thekla H

I have a total phobia of dental work. Dr. Malueg and her assistant Lisa were the best to take care of me. They took away my fear and made me feel safe. I trust them with my care. I had a rootcanal done. It was done through my crown, which had a rootcanal already. The old rootcanal was done over 30 years ago. Dr. Malueg had to remove the old filling and put in the new filling for the rootcanal. The shots were not painful at all, I did not even feel them. Lisa did x-rays several time to make sure the filling was right. It didn't take as long as I thought it would take. They answered all my questions. I'm so grateful that they saved my tooth. I would recommend them to my friends and family any time.

- Thekla H

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Patient Review by Paula K

Dr. Malueq was very patient with me, explaining as she went along. I trusted her from the first moment, and would come see her again without question, if needed (as well as recommend her to family and friends). She seemed to truly care about me.

- Paula K

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Patient Review by Chloe M

When I say I was nervous about this root canal procedure, that would be the understatement of the year. I was terrified to the point of almost having a panic attack in the chair before the procedure. I had two traumatic dental experiences before this procedure and I was petrified that I would not be numbed properly again. The moment I met Dr. Maleug and her very kind assistant, their very sweet, calm, reassuring words helped ease my nerves. I shared my fear of not being properly numbed, and they assured me that they even "over-numb," which was music to my ears. They offered me the "laughing gas," which was unexpected, but fantastic. Throughout the entire procedure (which took much less time than my recent traumatic dental fillings), they continually checked to make sure I was ok. From the most painless numbing experience I have had in my life to the root canal procedure itself, I can honestly say it was the easiest, most painless dental procedure I have ever had in my life. For anyone afraid of having a root canal - don't be! There was absolutely NO pain whatsoever - I cannot emphasize that enough. If I ever have to have another root canal or other endodontic procedure, I will absolutely be back to Piedmont Endodontics and Dr. Maleug!

- Chloe M

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Patient Review by Mary Ann V

It was a great experience. Dr. Maleug is awesome. She gives shots that you can barely feel. She explains everything as she goes. I felt safe in her care and I would recommend her to anyone. Her assistant, Lisa did a great job too!

- Mary Ann V

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Patient Review by Tracy C

The staff was extremely friendly and made me feel appreciated as a patient:)

- Tracy C

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Patient Review by Sheilah H

By far the best doctor and/or dentist I've been too and I have seen a lot of them. She was so patient with me, cause I was scared to death. She was so gentle with me and the procedure was over before I knew it. Wish I didn't need root canals performed but since I do I'm glad she was recommended. Hope to see her next time as well. By the way, she was better than my other endo in Charlotte and I didn't think that would ever happen. Hang on to her.

- Sheilah H

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Patient Review by Ciji G

I truly wished Dr. Malueg could do all my dental work. She took her time, and showed she truly cares for her patients. I was offered a warm blanket, and that put the icing on the cake. I’ve never experienced that before. Thank you.

- Ciji G

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Patient Review by Jay H

My dentist referred me for an evaluation. Dr. Malueg was extremely friendly and down to earth. She took the time to listen and did a quick, but thorough, evaluation. She recommended a root canal and offered to go ahead and perform it immediately, in order to end the intense pain that brought me here. The procedure itself was very fast and absolutely painless. I have a major phobia of dental work and when I say the procedure was painless, I mean one hundred percent free of any discomfort. Now, several hours later, I have no soreness and my toothache is gone. This was, by far, the best dental experience I've ever had.

- Jay H

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Patient Review by Brittney T

The staff was amazing and very sweet. And she was very easy when numbing my mouth.

- Brittney T

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Patient Review by Sandy C

Everything with the procedure was explained along the way. I felt comfortable. Check in and check out was simple and quickly done. Personnel was very friendly!

- Sandy C

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Patient Review by Susan B

Words just cannot express how thankful I am that I met Dr Leslie and her staff. I was very nervous about having this procedure as it has been a very long time since I have had a root canal. They explained everything before doing anything to me so I could understand what was going to happen. I became so relaxed knowing how much they cared about what they were doing to me. When the procedure was over I was overwhelmed how much of a different experience this was compared to the one many years ago. I just couldn't thank them enough for making this an experience I will never forget. I am so very grateful I chose this office to have this procedure.

- Susan B

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Patient Review by Kelli W

Dr Maleug was absolutely amazing. This was my third root canal done with this group. I was very hesitant due to bad experiences the first two times. Barbara and Dr. Maleug made me feel comfortable and if I was their own family they were caring for. 🙂

- Kelli W

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Patient Review by Bonnie F

Dr. Maleug was absolutely wonderful. I have had three root canals (two with other endodontists) and she was the gentlest of all. I did not even feel the novacaine shots. Her comment "You are in the drivers seat so you tell me when to stop if I need to or if you need anything else" put me immediately at ease. I was in and out of the office in 90 minutes. An absolutely perfect visit from beginning to end. I don't wish a root canal on anyone but if you need one you definitely want to be at Piedmont.

- Bonnie F

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Patient Review by Rachel L

professional, explained each step, friendly but not overly talkative...gave me a blanket during the procedure.

- Rachel L

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Patient Review by Ann B

Overall a very pleasant visit. Everyone treated me with kindness knowing I didn't really want to be there. A very nice and clean environment - uplifting

- Ann B

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Patient Review by Sarah R

Barbara was very kind and hospitable. Dr. Malueg was wonderful! Great experience for a root canal procedure.

- Sarah R

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Patient Review by Chris J

This was my first visit to this office and my first root canal so I was a little apprehensive. But as soon as I walked in the door-the ladies up front made me feel so welcome and made it very easy for me. As soon as I had the forms filled out-I was taken back and seated and everything was explained in detail of what was going on, etc. The entire staff made me very comfortable and I would highly recommend them! Very professional and friendly! Also-I was very impressed with how Dr. Leslie Malueg explained everything to me and also made me feel very comfortable. Her Assistant was also very knowledgeable and explained each step to me as it was going to happen, etc. So from the front office-to the back-to the Doctor-all did a great job and again I would highly recommend them!

- Chris J

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Patient Review by Cynthia C

All staff including the doctor were friendly and professional. As I said above, the discovery of Nitrous oxide was a game changer!

- Cynthia C

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Patient Review by Lori T

Dr Malueg ensured me the procurers would be painless and she was so right! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much. I put this procedure off for three years because of a negative experience from another provider. From now on, I will see Dr Malueg and her staff at Piedmont Endodontics. P.S.- your Greensboro location is super modern and cool looking!

- Lori T

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