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5 out of 5 stars based on 248 reviews.

Patient Review by Bill L

For all of us who have had "anxiety attacks" about the prospect of having a root canal.....fear no more! Will Stanley, D.D.S., M.S. was my doctor and I strongly recommend him to anyone! His assistants, Megan Ivey and Sherry Hoover were as equally as highly skilled at their profession and were quick to remind me that there would be "no pain." Both ladies have outstanding concern and care for their patients. I actually had two visits stemming from a problem away from the office, one in Kernersville and another in Greensboro and everyone at both sites were excellent professionals. My visits to Piedmont Endodontics was as fine as any medical situation I have ever encountered. Highly recommend these three wonderful professionals! Bill Leatherman

- Bill L

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Patient Review by Pam A

Dawn & Dr. Baird were the perfect combination of expertise & care! Both made me feel at ease from the start. They were confident in their roles; therefore, I was also confident in them & myself! Thank you Dr. Baird & Dawn!

- Pam A

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Patient Review by Gregory w

Had wonderful time talking to Debbie, she was on time ,take me back, take the x-rays, learn a lot, she told me to hold my breath, while taken the x Ray,she and Dr Horowitz did great job,I want to thank them for great job.i would let them fix my teeth anytime,,all so l want to thanks the staff up front,so nice, I please with everyone, thanks you all

- Gregory w

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Patient Review by Cynthia S

The staff, along with the doctor, was so nice and explained everything that they were doing and why. I appreciate when someone is so concerned about my health. I would recommend Dr. Morgan and his staff to anybody needing treatment. Thank you!

- Cynthia S

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Patient Review by Cheryll H

Dr Maleug was absolutely awesome! She was the most professional & caring of any specialist I have ever been to! She made me feel relaxed & I felt absolutely no pain! She was thorough in telling me everything as she worked & was totally focused on me until she completed my root canal. I have already recommended her & would not hesitate to come back to her if I need future treatments!!

- Cheryll H

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Patient Review by Janet W

As a repeat patient of Dr. Stanley's, I am always amazed at how calm he makes one feel. He is compassionate about his work and I trust his opinions 100%. During my root canal, he and Meghan were top notch. Leave all anxiety at the door with these two as they will always take very good care of you! It's also comforting to receive a phone call the next day to see how you are doing. Customer service is wonderful and appreciated.

- Janet W

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Patient Review by Blake C

I would recommend the doctor and the practice to anyone!!!! The service and experience was the best I've ever seen. I only wish ever doctor I went to was as awesome.

- Blake C

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Patient Review by Jerry H

Dr. Stanley was very forthcoming with information and wanted to ease any anxiety that I had as his patient which calmed me even more. He was easy to listen to and prepared me for the series of events for my procedure. I just wanted to take a minute to say Thank You Sir to you and your staff for my Dental Care today.

- Jerry H

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Patient Review by Kenneth R. H

The business is ran like a well oiled machine. Everybody is friendly, especially the dental nurse assistant Becca. She was so professional, she knew what the Dr. needed before he ask. Never felt so relaxed and in good hands in my life. These Dr.s and assistants are the best.

- Kenneth R. H

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Patient Review by Ashley M

I was in horrible pain and they made me comfortable very quick. Waiting time was very short. Didn’t feel a thing . They took very good care of me and made sure I was comfortable the entire time! I HIGHLY recommend this office.

- Ashley M

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Patient Review by Julia M

Not bad for a root canal 🙂 Staff was very gentle, patient, and helpful.

- Julia M

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Patient Review by Angela P

Thank you Dr. Horwitz, you are very talented and will refer you to anyone that is in need of a root canal procedure.

- Angela P

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Patient Review by Rick M

Everyone took the time to explain the procedure, answered all questions fully, and have a great sense of humor.

- Rick M

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Patient Review by Tom M

Explanation of procedures, cost involved, and what to do next

- Tom M

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Patient Review by Sherry K

The first contact with Carol was encouraging. She showed genuine concern and was very helpful in rescheduling my appointment. (I had an appointment scheduled for the following week. They had a cancellation and she called to get me in early.) Dr. Harold Mohorn was very considerate and gentle. Kristin was personable and made me feel comfortable. She also kept me calm and worked with me while taking x-rays (gag reflex). Entire staff was friendly and efficient.

- Sherry K

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Patient Review by penny r

everyone was great from first phone call for appt to procedure and check out i was so nervous, but they all made me comfortable Dr.H Mohorn was wonderful

- penny r

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Patient Review by Catherine S

I liked how it was possible to view what root canal looked like via the video on the website. The dental technician and dentist explained the procedure and let me know how it was going during the procedure. It went very smoothly and I was happy to thank everyone as I left the practice. I would highly recommend this practice.

- Catherine S

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Patient Review by Jonny B

The staff did everything they could to make me feel comfortable and informed. Dr Mohorn kept me apprised of everything as we moved through the process. I was pleased how well and quickly my recovery proceeded. I would highly recommend the practice.

- Jonny B

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Patient Review by Darrin C

Dr. Morgan is an outstanding endodontist! His calm, assuring demeanor allowed me to simply chill and let him fix my tooth. Should I need another root canal, I will gladly return to his chair.

- Darrin C

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Patient Review by somaly k

what i like was i didnt feel any pain. the only pain i felt was coming in with the tooth ache. the people are really nice and funny.

- somaly k

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